17 Shower Shoes You’ll Actually Want to Wear Outside the Locker Room

On 24 Aug 2017

If you're a regular gym-goer who loves showering at the gym, (hey, those spa-like products make me feel like a million bucks!) it's likely you've thought about buying shower shoes, if you don't already own them. Navigating a public shower and locker-room floor can sometimes feel a little…icky. Not to mention, it’s definitely possible to end up with athlete’s foot or another type of infection if the person showering before you left something undesirable behind. Adidas may have made slide-on sandals a locker-room staple, but now, lots of brands offer something similar with their own unique spin. Your options range from a basic flip-flop all the way to a Gucci or Prada slide, straight off the runway. But just because they’re keeping your feet clean doesn’t mean shower shoes have to be boring. Here are 17 of our current favorites—some of which you may even want to wear IRL.

Nike Kala Slide, $30

Choose from this classic white-and-black pair or mix it up with a black slide and a pink swoosh. The supersoft middle is made to help cushion your sore feet after a hard workout. Note to self: Keep on hand post–race day.

Michael Kors Logo Slide, $44.25

Go luxe with slides designed by fashion mogul Michael Kors. Looking to make a statement poolside? Grab the pair in black and gold.

Urban Outfitters Holographic Pool Slide, $15

Take a cue from this season's runways and grab a pair of these reflective silver-hued holographic slides. We highly recommend you take photos so they light up your Instagram feed. The no-slip sole is a must-have in any locker room.

Vans & UO Checkerboard Pool Slide, $30

If game night is your favorite day of the week, these are the slides for you. Reminiscent of a checker- or chessboard, these patterned slides work great on the beach or in the shower.

Victoria's Secret Single Strap Slide, $30

A baby blue is right on trend for your millennial friend (or you!) who loves pastels and happens to hit the gym on a daily basis.

Sanuk Yoga Salty, $36

The bottoms of these shoes are made from real yoga mats, plus the elastic bikini material in the crisscrossed red and blue keep your feet in place. These would also be perfect to pack for any active vacations you might have planned in the upcoming months.

Sandalboyz Wimbledon, $55

The bright green underside of the sandals shines on the base of the slides as brightly as the Wimbledon tennis court does under the sun. The simple and clean aesthetic is great for any Serena Williams fans.

Adidas Adilette Cloudfoam Plus, $35

The extra padding in the Cloudfoam bottom will have you feeling like you're walking on the sky. You can pick from three ombre-inspired color combos: black and gray, maroon and red, or this navy and green.

Nike Benassi Duo Ultra, $40

With a two-layered strap, this lightweight sandal is going to stay put, even if you're performing a move from the Rockettes' latest show in the shower. Just be careful not to twist and shout too much in there!

Hari Mari Fields, $60

Memory foam material around the toes keeps the pressure off your feet. Add in leather insoles and a firm arch for support, and you just might never want to take these off. The color options are pretty unlimited, too.

Pali Hawaii Classic Jandals, $17

A simple and super-lightweight rubber slide is the ideal shoe to stash in your gym bag or carry-on. If brown's not your color, grab a pair in black, coral, navy, lilac, or another color. Disclosure: Our editor is married to a Pali Hawaii wholesale distributor.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Adissage, $35

In a bold red or black and tan, these kicks designed by Stella McCartney are sure to turn heads. The footbed is designed to massage your feet thanks to specially placed nubs. We're firmly of the belief that no one should ever say no to a massage—it's all about that self-care.

Vionic Beach Noosa Toe Post Sandal, $40

The bold floral print with silver band is also a secretly supportive sandal designed by podiatrists, so you're getting prime comfort all shower (or day) long.